Where to find Provender

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Provender sits on an east facing, three-mile, almost deserted beach on Windermere Island facing the Atlantic. The warmer, calmer Caribbean Sea is just a step away behind the house. Getting there is easy, it is leaving that might be a problem. Please find flight finders and directions by clicking on the links below.

Windermere Island is a private enclave to the east of Eleuthera; connected to to the 'mainland' by a 50 metre guarded bridge.

You will find the long narrow island of Eleuthera east of Nassau and south of Grand Bahama. It is one of some two dozen scarcely populated Out Islands of the Bahamas. From top to bottom Eleuthera measures just 110 miles; you can walk across it very quickly, and it narrows to two lanes wide where the Queen's Highway crosses a bridge leading to the northern end of the island.

Click on the Google map to see the island and its position in more detail, and use the EARTH button to see the satellite view.

 How to get to Provender