What to do on Eleuthera

  • Click on the large image for a tour of the fun things you can do when staying at Provender
  • Provided for your stay: windsurfer (for adult or child), two kayaks, fishing and snorkelling equipment, body boards, buckets and spades, bicycles for all ages, beach volleyball, tennis rackets and balls, and other games 
  • The excellent local yoga instructor can provide classes in the house
  • Spa treatments - massage, facials and other pampering treats can come to the house or you can visit the salon on Eleuthera
  • Bonefishing 
  • Scuba diving (exceptionally clear waters and nearby reefs)
  • Snorkelling
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Wildlife watching (turtles, rays, etc)
  • Bird watching (ospreys, hummingbirds etc)
  • Spectacular geological structures: Glass Window Bridge, Preacher's Cave, Hatchet Bay Cave, Ocean Hole
  • Unspoilt picturesque local villages
  • Surfing
  • Take a trip to Harbour Island: 90 minutes by car and water taxi. Famous for its celebrities as well as pretty colonial-style buildings, sophisticated bars and restaurants.
  • Harbour Island Current Cut Dive - exhilarating high-speed drift dive

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