Welcome to Provender, a family beach house in the Bahamas

About Provender

Built by a British family in the private enclave of Windermere Island just off Eleuthera, Provender is a charming informal beach house right on the ocean. Steps lead down from the spacious flexible living space onto pristine pink and white coral sands.

Provender was the secret hideaway where the Prince and Princess of Wales spent their honeymoon in 1981; the family has enjoyed holidays at Provender for many years. Now they have decided to share their holiday home. 

Eleuthera is a magical island, 100 miles long and very narrow, where dramatic reefs on one side contrast with soft coral sands and warm shallow seas on the other. You won't find the glitzy hotels and casinos of Nassau here. It's like turning back the clock to a gentler, classier era. 

You will be enchanted by the atmosphere of old-world ease and courtesy in charming little towns and villages of brightly-painted wooden houses. Lovingly tended cars date back to the 1960s, and church on Sundays is a family affair with white dresses and smart hats. Local fish and conch are sold from stalls along the beach where the fishermen land their catch. 

Provender is perched above a three-mile long beach of white sand on private Windermere Island, linked to Eleuthera by a guarded, 50-metre bridge. Windermere is exclusively for the occupants of its small number of villas.

Membership of The Club At Windermere, included in the Provender package, is five minutes walk away, and there is a pool, tennis courts, bar and restaurant for your enjoyment. 

Provender and Eleuthera may hark back to a gentler age, but the house is fully equipped with wi-fi, and perfect for focussed corporate use in a blissfully peaceful and secluded setting.

It is also perfect for families and groups of friends looking for that rare commodity in the modern world - peace and privacy. There's plenty to do and see, but the main purpose of Provender is to remove you from the hustle of modern life and provide a haven on the beach.